Now that i left Berlin, i want to honor the past commitment of having some kind of review about all the films I watched. Even if it’s too reducing, minimalist… at least a simple entry with a “star” (1 to 10) will be better than noting 😉

My photos and videos are outside the blog, and the film list just below:

  • Last Hijack – Panorama – 7
    Dutch production that blends documentary with fiction animation. The background of a Somali pirate and his dreams
  • Blind dates – Forum – 8
    Georgian melancholic but funny story about a middle-aged teacher looking for “something”
  • Another world – Panorama – 8
    American documentary out of “constant daily records” during the occupy wall street movement. Edited for following a bunch of inspiring individuals. Not only answers the “who are the protesters?” but inspires for future activism 🙂
  • Nuoc – Panorama – 6
    Vietnamese futuristic scenario where among a flooded world people try to live their “normal” life, and maintain relationships…
  • Korean masterpiece in english and with enough action to seduce mainstream audiences. A superb parabola about all permanent social uprising movements. With plenty of symbolic references and historic characters inspirations. Spoiler: careful not confirm, the producer said that the same company built prosthesis for Tilda as before for Streep.
  • Concerning violence – panorama – 7
    Polemic “lecture / karaoke” on the “manifesto” of Frantz Fanon about Colonization and de-colonization. Remixing footage from the independence wars of mainly Angola and Moçambique, as well as some other African countries. Director confessed that is a product for Europeans to watch and hopefully awake their minds.
  • Über-Ich und Du – panorama – 8
    German comedy around 2 “non-uninteresting” guys. A small crook infiltrates the boring life of an old Psychiatrist and together they get more bonded that they would wish 😉
  • Historia del miedo – competition – 8
    Argentinian look into several situations of different persons where FEAR arises, grows and burst. Great execution on delivering that basic feeling on it’s subtle and routine manifestations. Just not the best feeling for me leaving the nicest venue of the Berlinale 😉
  • Stereo – Panorama – 9
    This is for the people that say German films aren’t good enough. What about a “genre”, full of style , visceral ride? Very well achieved with great cinematography, sound/music, and performances. Reminded me “drive” for the style and “history of violence” for the plot.
  • Free range – Forum – 7
    This Estonian film won my prize for “hipster film” 🙂 The form and the plot is too full of “Sardonicism” for being taken seriously… And the prankster attitude went even outside of the screen with the director promising being there for Q&A but evaporating at the end 🙂 I personally wanted to see more “about Estonia” and felt that got a very niche glimpse, even if with appealing summer parties by the coast 😉
  • Bing Du – panorama – 8
    A tale about surviving in Burma / Myanmar. Not a easy ride for sitting along, as like in real life, it lingers in slow bucolic (but not giving any idyllic feelings) until it kicks in a downstream spiral. One of such explicit “ending” that left the audience clearly uncomfortable 😐