On the last 28th of September some central areas of Lisbon were cut to traffic, as the city (new mayor) joined again the European Mobility Week (after of 6 years with no participation). Many people came to enjoy the rare possibility of walking, skating or cycling relaxed on some of the most busy streets of the capital. Nevertheless there were many protests written on press and heard on TV.

During previous elections campaigning the new Mayor promised to promote public space, “new mobility paradigm”, and lot of other promising ideas. But rejects adopting tolls for entering the center, and some days before carfree day the city increased the maximum velocity of some radars after the demands of an online petition.


On its 4th anniversary, Lisbon’s critical mass took place during the last Friday of the month, as usual. There was the idea of coming dressed as executives to show that going by bike through the city is not only for sportive people, but can be a real commuting option. This turned out to be the most participated ever, exceeding the last record of 60 people in July.