Para quem quer ganhar aquelas provas mais dificeis, sem dar muita cana…  Fora disso, não percebo qual é o mercado desta invenção.

GRUBER ASSist is an expandable ultralight drive for Mountainbikes. The skillfully conceived drive unit is built invisibly into the Bike (necessary bridge pipe Innendruchmesser 31,6mm) and particularly scores by its small weight (900gr).

A pressure on the turbo-button at the steering wheel horn – and burning in the thighs disappears – which recovers to sweat however remains. The ultralight drive obtains increase in output with 200 Watts of additional power up to 100% – for up to 1,5 hours. With switched off drive the Biken functions as used. GRUBER ASSist guarantees benefitful Biken without red head!

Product properties

  • The drive is very easy
  • The Anschubhilfe is invisible
  • The Biken becomes healthier the Fitnessbiken and thus
  • Owing to supplementary part one is almost independent of the bicycle mark
  • The drive brings speed in the level and Kraft in the upward gradient